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Discover 'The Champions' Talk First's Wednesday Class for children !

The Wednesday Class : Immersion in English for children from the age of 4 !
Next classes : Wednesday 17th & Saturday 20th September 2014

With The Champions, Talk First offers an immersion class in English for children from the age of 4! All the language specialists agree that the sooner a child starts learning a foreign language, the better ! A child has the intellectual agility and capacity to assimilate, apprehend and comprehend the foreign language and culture easily and naturally. The Wednesday Class is the opportunity for your child to learn in an amusing way and become a ... Champion !

Keep your children's English at its best with the Bilingual Class!

Whether your child has learnt English at home or abroad, our Bilingual Wednesday Class is the opportunity to maintain and improve his or her communication skills in English. The Bilingual Champion Class is the key to keeping your child's English at its best thanks to our fun and educational activities.


Our lessons are divided into four 15-minute activities, each using different skills and working on several aspects of the language :


All fees (annual or per term) are available on the dedicated webpage.
Interest-free payment facilities in 3 instalments.

Download the Champions Flyer in PDF (Acrobat Reader)

Download the Champions Flyer in PDF