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Why Tomatis ?

As language teachers, finding innovative methods which help us to take our students to the level of mastering a language is always stimulating. However, mastering a language is not always an easy task. Along with our students, we too were confronted with the learning limits imposed by traditional teaching methods.

This is where the Tomatis Method® comes into play !

This method is based on a certain number of concepts concerning the way in which the human being develops, treats information, communicates both with himself and others, and finally, learns.

Thus, we have created Talk First with the aim of offering you language-learning and language-acquisition solutions which are both efficient and innovative. For us, this is an opportunity to use teaching practices which give long-term results.

Our Observations

Talk First : Our Solutions

Our active concept of foreign language integration is based on the Tomatis Method® which allows you to widen the spectrum of your hearing capacity thus permitting you to push back your limits and to integrate foreign languages to the best of your ability.

The mobile SOLISTEN® Language Integration system and its active module TALKS® offer you the opportunity to integrate the foreign language by means of speaking practice using the "Electronic Ear". This allows you to optimise the acquisition of the target language.

With Talk First, you will :