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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions and their responses. If your question is not on the list, do not hesitate to contact us for further information. (

What progress will I make ?
Our objective is to help you optimise your linguistic potential and become more confident. In Talk First's classes, you will make rapid progress in the foreign language, improving your pronunciation, oral comprehension and speaking skills.
How many students will there be in my class ?
The number of students is limited to between 6 and 8 people depending on the course you chose.
Will I improve my pronunciation ?
Yes. During the active sessions with TALKS® and our specific module "Over to You!", you acquire the pronunciation, articulation and musicality/prosody (intonation and rhythm) of the foreign language both efficiently and on a long-term basis.
Can I improve my listening comprehension rapidly ?
Yes. Thanks to the Tomatis Method and the Solisten® program for language integration, your listening potential will be optimised, and from the first session, your hearing spectrum will be widened for a better oral comprehension. Moreover, you will practice your oral skills during Talk First's specific courses.
In what way are you really different ?
We know the obstacles you are confronted with when you want to communicate in a foreign language. With the Tomatis Method, we offer you efficient solutions with long-term results.
I am a beginner and I have to learn a foreign language for my job.
Talk First has specialized courses both in English and French. Our methods, based on our teaching experience allow us to help you learn the foreign language in accordance with your specific needs.
Are your courses open to bilinguals ?
Yes. We are aware that the practising of languages is a necessity, and that it is important to master each language independently from the other.
If I want to learn another language, do I have to do the whole Solisten ® program again ?
The Solisten® program is made up of 2 sessions. If you wish to learn another language, you will only need to do the second session of 30 hours in that target language as it is this part of the integration program which is specific to each language.
Do I have to do the Solisten ® program several times ?
The complete Solisten® program lasts 50 hours. For the integration of the English language, for example, you will do the complete program only once. If you want to learn another language, you will only repeat the second session of 30 hours, specific to each language.
How much do your courses cost ?
The cost is based on the quality, length and content of the course. Talk First gives you the possibility to integrate languages efficiently and with long-term results. Click here to consult our price list.
Is it possible to spread my payment ?
Yes. We offer a 0% interest payment facility over 3 months.
Am I entitled to a grant or allowance for your courses ?
Yes. Talk First is a registered language training centre, you can therefore apply for state aid.
What is the Tomatis Method ® ?
The Tomatis Method is a listening program. Each language has its preferential frequency band. Thus, in the field of language learning, the Tomatis Method allows you to train your ears to the frequencies of the foreign language you want to learn. It helps you to better integrate the target language, to learn it twice as quickly and with long-term results.