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The Tomatis Method®

The Tomatis Method® was developed by Alfred TOMATIS (1st January 1920 to 25th December 2001), the French ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist. He dedicated a large part of his professional career to studying the relationship that exists between the ear and the voice, and consequently, between listening and communication skills.

His findings are called " The TOMATIS Laws " :

Frequencies of Languages

Knowing the importance of the role of the sensorial message, the Tomatis Method® facilitates the integration of foreign languages. Doctor Alfred Tomatis showed that each language is characterised by its own preferential and linguistically analysable frequency zone, called the "Bande Passante", (Preferential Frequency Band).

TOMATIS DEVELOPPEMENT S.A. has combined 50 years experience in the Tomatis Method® with the latest neuro- and cognitive scientific research in order to develop non-intrusive, innovative products such as the SOLISTEN® and the TALKS® which allow the optimisation of the learning, listening and communication processes.

TALK FIRST offers you the possibility to learn a foreign language in a new way.


The SOLISTEN® is a mobile sensorial-stimulation device which reproduces the essential stimulation parameters of the Tomatis Method®. The SOLISTEN® device contains several listening programs.

Firstly, there is a preparatory musical program destined to improve the overall audio perception mechanisms upon which language learning is based.

There are then linguistic integration programs designed to develop your linguistic integration mechanisms.

The Tomatis practitioner is trained to select the program which best corresponds to your needs. These programs are specifically adapted to make the ear receptive to the rhythms and sounds of the target language and to facilitate the integration of foreign languages.

Discover the Tomatis Method® with Talk First

Develop your hearing and speaking potential and consolidate them with the TALKS® in Step 2 of the Smart Package.


The TALKS® is the complementary active module of the Solisten. Having completed the passive listening Solisten sessions, this mobile device allows you to enter the active phase of language learning.

These sessions consist in the repetition and reading of words in the target language in order to optimise your acquisition of the musicality (intonation and rhythm). With this active method, you listen directly to your own voice which is corrected to the frequency of the foreign language; as a result, you adapt your voice accordingly. This active phase is essential in the acquisition of a foreign language.

The TALKS® sessions are the opportunity to participate actively and efficiently in the integration of the target language.

The SOLISTEN® Program is not a treatment for any recognised illness, nor a means of diagnosing a medical or psychological disorder.
The SOLISTEN® Program is an audio training course which educates and develops your listening capacity.
Tomatis Development SA is the owner of the registered trademarks Tomatis® and Solisten®.