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Courses eligible to professional training aid (DIF)

Learn English

Speaking and communicating are the first motivations for learning a foreign language such as English. Worldwide, English is the language used for international communication. Talk First offers you the possibility to master the English language as a communicative tool, allowing you to be more than a simple spectator in an ever-advancing world.

Talk First's English courses combined with the Solisten® language integration program will be the opportunity to speak for yourself and say what you mean!

Receive a precise evaluation of your language skills
and a complete analysis of your needs

General English (All levels) :

    Objective :   English on the tip of your tongue !

       Consolidate your knowledge and develop your potential!

At last! A course designed to improve your pronunciation, oral comprehension and speaking skills. A unique Talk First module!

Discuss and debate various topics. Learn and practice essential expressions and vocabulary.

Speak English from dawn to dusk, and leave your mother tongue at home !

If you want to improve your English writing skills, Talk First offers the following additional courses :

    Duration :   According to level and needs.

    Dates & Pricelist

Specialised English (All levels) :

    Objective :   To produce your best in English in your specialised domain !

    Duration :   According to your level and needs.

    Dates & Pricelist

The Champions ! (Immersion English class for children from 4 to 9 years old) :

    Objective :    Early-learning of English !

    Duration :   12 lessons of one hour over 3 months.

    Check The Champions page !

    Dates & Pricelist

The SPI Class - Speaking, Pronunciation and Interaction (Speak English from the age of 10) :

    Objective :    Educational speaking activities for interactive communication in English !

    Hours :

    Duration :   10 lessons of one hour over 3 months.

    Dates & Pricelist

Exam Preparation (All levels) :

    Objective :   When the result counts !

    Duration :   Depending on level and needs.

    Dates & Pricelist

Intensive Courses

Talk First also offers intensive courses for you to be ready to communicate in English when you need to. These courses are open to everybody wishing to improve their language skills rapidly.

  Duration Prices Group size
        General English 20 hours (5 days) Contact us Max. 6 participants
        Exam preparations 15 hours (5 days) Contact us Max. 6 participants

Translation Services

Talk First translates your documents from French to English and vice-versa. We also proof-read any documents already written in English.

Send us your documents :

For an estimate and further information, contact us.